East Coast Trip

I will be taking a portfolio building excursion/vacation out east at the end of September and the beginning of October. I will be taking the Amtrak from Cincinnati to Boston, with stops in DC, NYC, and maybe Philly. Many of my friends have said, “WHY A TRAIN?!” Well…I have never taken a trip on a train, so I said why not. At least I will be able to say that I have done it afterwards, and maybe I will be able to get some nice shots on the train.

I will be in Washington, DC Friday evening, all day Saturday, September 29th, and Sunday.  I will then hop an early morning train to NYC arriving around 6-7am do try to get some early morning shots in the city.  I will be in NYC Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or if I get bored of the city I may hop down to Philly for a day.  Then I will be traveling to Boston and leave Boston Friday the 5th from Logan.

I will be shooting everything and anything.  If you are interested in booking a shoot, just having a personal paparazzi for a few hours, or hanging out for drinks or lunch message me on Facebook, Twitter, or on my website.

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